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Spa Planning

 Who needs a destination resort or spa? For the price of a week-long spa getaway, you can create a custom-designed retreat for year-round enjoyment right in your own backyard with beautiful portable spas. We've provided some important considerations within this section to help guide you through the process.

Worried about setting up your spa?
No need to worry!
With a little instruction we can set your mind at ease and get you set up in no time. You will need a little preparation in advance which should work out well since most individuals will have a 4-6 week waiting period before the spa arrives at your curbside. You will also want to make sure to read the owners manual prior to installation as this will have specific details regarding your specific spas items.

Selecting the location: Setting the Mood

Choosing a site for your spa is a personal decision based on your intended use and the existing features of your home and property. When choosing an outdoor location, consider that the closer to the home the spa is located, the easier it will be to go back and forth when it's used. Also, think about how you plan to use your spa. Is it strictly an adults-only relaxation environment, or will you also use it for family gatherings and social entertainment?

You'll want to consider things like accessibility-is it convenient to get to? Privacy-will you have to screen your neighbors? And general aesthetics-will the spa look good in the location you are considering? Also, where will users change? How is the location of your spa in relation to the entertainment area of your home? If your home has a scenic view or a secluded grove of trees, you many want to create a special area so that your spa makes the most of this environment.

When choosing a location for your spa you don't have to place it on a concrete surface, although this is highly recommended to keep it solid and level for proper filtering and use. If a concrete slab isn't available or not appropriate for your needs, verify that the floor structure beneath the spa is strong enough to support the full weight of your spa when it is filled along with the maximum number of adults inside the tub. The number of gallons the spa can hold can be multiplied by 8.3 pounds (weight of one gallon of water) plus 175 pounds per adult. (If you have a question on this weight, pleas call us and we'll be glad to help) Your local contractor or building inspector can help you with this determination for your placement.

You will need to have a level surface firm enough to support your spa when full. It is recommended that a concrete slab be used for both support and to keep the spa from excess moisture on the ground. This will maintain the wood and other components for a longer period of time. You will also find that if you place your spa on dirt, grass or small gravel, you will track in excess debris into your spa causing more frequent cleaning. Make sure if you do place your spa in these types of areas that you provide pavers or a brick or other type of walkway to reduce this problem.

Inside Location?:
If you choose to place the spa inside some special considerations need to be taken into account. Because spas are heated, more water will emanate from the tub requiring ventilation especially in smaller rooms. The room should contain a ventilation fan or vent to allow the spas extra heat and moisture to escape. A bathroom fan is often used for this purpose.

Getting your location ready:
Unless you are placing your spa on a patio or other concrete surface, it is time to prepare your location. Here are a few tips on preparation that should make life a little easier for you.

We will discuss several foundations that you can choose from to place your spa on. There are no "best" ways of doing this. . .just preferences and how much you want to spend will most likely determine your choice.

First you will need a firm level surface. It does not have to be perfectly level, but get it as close as possible. If you are laying the spa on a grassy surface, you will need to first remove the sod to get down to the soil. Check the dimensions of your spa and call us if you have any questions. Remember measure twice, dig once.

Here are some viable options you can choose from:

Gravel: Gravel is commonly used as a foundation because it is cheap, easy to find, effective, and good for keeping water away from the outside of your spa. The easiest way to prepare a gravel surface is to shovel the gravel into place and use a 2x4 and a level to obtain a good surface.

Pressure Treated Wood:
This is another method of preparing your foundation. This provides a nice clean installation with very little effort. Pressure treated wood is rot-resistant and extremely
durable. Cutting the wood to the right size and making sure it's level is about all you will need to do. It is not important what kind of lumber or wood you use for this (2x4, 4x4, or railroad ties) as long as it's pressure treated. Your local Home Depot or equivalent store can help you with this.
Concrete Stepping Stones or Bricks:
Another foundation choice is pre-cast concrete stepping stones.  Available inexpensively at any home center, they are simple to set up.  Depending on the size of your spa and the stones, two rows of four (8) or three rows of three (9) is usually enough, if evenly spaced.  Make sure they are well seated and level.
Cement Foundation:
Although more expensive, a poured concrete slab is good choice for a permanent installation, and can be made a little wider than the spa to provide for a clean walkway and storage area.

Other points to consider:

  • If installing your spa below grade, ensure that there is sufficient drainage for rainwater runoff.
  • Check the location and setup of your spa for conformity to local building and electrical codes.
  • If planned location is to be on a deck, consult your local building department, licensed contractor, or structural engineer for advice or assistance on load requirements.


Portable Hot Tubs Delivery Access:  Clear the way...
Prior to the arrival of your new spa, you should ensure that there is clear access for moving the spa from the truck to the setup location.  It may be necessary to remove a section of fence, trim tree branches or shrubs, move a doghouse, firewood stack or any other protrusions that might be in the way.  Check also for overhead clearance.

Receiving your Delivery:
Upon arrival: You will be receiving your spa factory-direct and it will be shipped by northAmerican Van Lines which is a professional moving company.  northAmerican  will contact you by phone several times in advance of the delivery, to let you know the expected arrival window. You will need to be on hand for the delivery during a 3-4 hour window which you can work out with them.  northAmerican Van Lines is a professional moving company who uses trucks which have an air ride system to protect your spa during delivery.  They professionally wrap the spa with several moving blankets and have special cranes and hydraulic tail gates to safely remove the new spa from their truck.  Your spa should arrive in excellent condition, however if there is any visible damage you need to report it at that time so northAmerican can take care of the repairs right away. 

Curbside delivery, what does that mean?All spas are delivered curbside.  All spa companies deal with this same issue of delivery and setting up the spa, however not all spa companies use northAmerican!  The spa is delivered by two professional movers at the time of delivery.  These delivery people will place the spa on your driveway or front walk for you.  You have a choice on how to move the spa to its final destination.   You may either arrange to have 4-6 friends come over and help you lift the spa and get it on a dolly to move it to it's final location or you can have the northAmerican movers do this for you.  There will be an additional fee ($249) to have additional men accompany the driver and their assistant and have them move it to the final destination.  Note: You must arrange in advance so they know they will need to move the spa for you.  We at Discount Spas Direct will be happy to assist in arranging this for you if you would like.


Positioning the Spa:

Using a dolly makes it easy!

When the spa is off the truck, it's usually not difficult to move it to the designated location is with a simple furniture dolly.  Nothing more than a wheeled wood frame with carpeted pads, they're available at rental shops for about $5 - $10 a day.

A dolly with bigger wheels will be less likely to get hung-up in sidewalk cracks or other obstructions.

Moving your spaMoving your spa on sidewalks and other hard flat surfaces should be easy on the dolly.  If the distance is short, some people carry the spa, but we recommend a dolly.

Lawns or uneven surfaces
If you anticipate any difficulty in moving the spa over uneven ground or lawn areas, you can prepare a smooth runway from a sheet of 5/8" plywood, cut in half to 2 ft. x 4 ft. planks.

Electrical Connection:

It is important to note that for the Warranty to be in effect, the electrical connections must be wired in accordance with all applicable local electrical codes, by a licensed electrician.  You can save some expense by doing any necessary trenching required for buried cabling yourself, if you so desire.

Drilling of spa cabinetry is usually not necessary for a clean electrical installation.  Some models may require some cabinet drilling, or restrict the connection to one location.  Consult your owner's manual.

Electrical considerations:
The National Electrical Code requires that a manual disconnect device for your hot tub be installed at least 5 ft. away, and within 15 ft. (line of sight) of the spa for safety.


We recommend you use a professional electrician or contractor to set this up for you.  They are trained in this type of work and usually do not charge a lot to set this electrical piece up for you.  You can call us for the specifics on the electrical requirements of your spa so that this can be in place when the spa arrives.  The warranty also specifies that the electrical must be connected by a professional to be in valid.

  • Electrical service must be a dedicated GFCI protected circuit.
  • Proper grounding and bonding must be provided.
  • Circuit must be rated at appropriate amperage per spa power requirements and electrical codes.
  • All electrical connections to be provided by a licensed electrician in accordance with local codes.
  • Completely read and understand your owner's manual prior to installation or operation of spa.

Consult with your building department for local electrical code requirements.

 Startup:  Filling your spa for the first time...

With your spa in its final location and wired correctly, you can begin with startup. Make sure you have read your owner's manual before proceeding:

  • Turn off all electrical power to the equipment at the circuit breaker.
  • Make sure that the spa's gate valves are open (consult owner's manual).
  • Check to see that drain valve is closed.
  • Clean interior of spa with suitable mild, non-foaming, non-abrasive cleaner.
  • Check to see that the filter(s) are properly seated.
  • Using garden hose, fill spa with clean cold water to level specified in owner's manual.  Low water levels can cause damage to the pump and heater element.
  • Open equipment door and observe for any leaks around union fittings.  Tighten if necessary.
  • Turn on power at the circuit breaker.
  • Operate your spa's controls per owner's manual instructions.
  • Balance your water chemistry and use a sanitizer system.

Do not expect to immediately feel hot water from the jets.  Initially, the hot tub may take approximately 7-8 hours to heat, depending upon its size and other factors.


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