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This warranty applies to all 10 series spas sold on or after June 1, 2005.
Shell Structural Warranty - Lifetime
Hydro Spa warrants the 10 Series spa shell structure against the loss of water through the fiberglass laminate of the shell caused by defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the spa.

Manifold Plumbing - Lifetime
Hydro Spa warrants the 10 Series plumbing manifolds to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the spa.

Surface Warranty 5 year Limited
Hydro Spa warrants the 10 Series interior acrylic spa surface against blisters, cracks, or delaminating resulting from a defect in the acrylic surface material for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. This limited warranty is based on the following formula: Retail cost divided by months covered (5 years = 60 months), multiplied by months owned, equals spa owners' replacement cost. Surface warranty issues should be notified to Hydro Spa by certified mail to warranty department within 30 days of finding defect or warranty will become void. Shipping and installation costs of the substitute hot tub unit are the responsibility of the spa owner making the claim. Unit to be replaced must have electrical detached and placed on ground in an area convenient for pick-up.

Electrical Equipment 1 year
Hydro Spa warrants the 10 Series electrical equipment and components to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.

The Warranty Coverage's are covered by the terms of the Hydro Spa “Warranty Performance and Coverage.”
Warranty Performance and Coverage
Please register your spa within 30 days of delivery by mailing in your warranty registration card found in this manual or by registering on at www.hydrospa.com/owners.html. Hot tubs not purchased from an Authorized Hydro Spa Dealer are specifically excluded from warranty coverage of any kind. Hydro Spa will, at its sole option, repair or replace any hot tub or component found to be defective under the terms and conditions of this warranty. Hydro Spa reserves the right to substitute a hot tub or component of equivalent value, either new or factory reconditioned and any such repair or replacement shall assume as its warranty only the remaining portion of the warranty on the original product. Labor service shall run concurrent with the “Electrical Equipment” warranty and no charge will be made for parts or labor. Hydro Spa or Hydro Spa Authorized Technicians/Dealers who perform labor service to a spa owner beyond 30 miles of the registered service location may subject spa owner to reasonable travel costs. The cost of shipping warranty parts to the spa owner is the responsibility of Hydro Spa. Spa owner must return defective part(s) to Hydro Spa within 30 days of the noted defect and Hydro Spa may collect spa owner credit card information to secure defective part(s) return. Failure to return defective parts will result in a charge on spa owners credit card . Hot tub surface repairs will be made to function satisfactorily and an exact color match may not be possible. Non-defective replacement parts required to perform or complete warranty repairs will be covered from the original spa purchase date. Contact your dealer if you have questions concerning warranty issues, prior to contacting Hydro Spa. In the absence of a local Authorized Hydro Spa Dealer, to obtain warranty service, either complete the web link at or notify in writing “Hydro Spa, Attention Warranty Service, 13055 49th Street N.,

Clearwater, FL 33762,” or call 727-573-9611 within 30 days of the time the problem becomes apparent. Hydro Spa must preauthorize the return of all defective spas and parts. Hydro Spa always reserves the right to inspect any spa.

Exceptions to Warranty
The following items are specifically excluded from any warranty coverage:
1. Damage caused by failure to follow procedures in the owner's manual.
2. Damage caused by improper installation or installing the hot tub on unstable surface, or by moving the hot tub.
3. Hydro Spa hot tubs when empty of water and left in direct sunlight without the hot tub cover in place are vulnerable to ultraviolet or solar damage. Temperatures generated by sunlight can become concentrated in the shell surface causing shell surface to delaminate. This occurrence is considered abuse and may result in surface blisters, bubbles, or large layer delaminating. The hot tub cover must be kept on the hot tub while empty of water.
4. Any alterations, misuses, abuses, or if any repairs are attempted by anyone other that an authorized representative of Hydro Spa except with the express verbal or written permission from Hydro Spa warranty or technical personnel.
5. Hot tub surface damage or discoloration or discoloration of spa jets or pillows resulting from improper maintenance including but not limited to; the use of sanitizers such as Tri-Chlor, calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, and/or any chemical that may dissolve or remain undissolved on the hot tub shell or cabinet surface. Damage or stain caused by mineral or chemical content of the hot tub water.
6. The hot tub cover is not manufactured by Hydro Spa and any warranty claim must be made through the cover manufacturer.
7. The hot tub filter lid is not designed to support heavy weight loads and should not be used as a seat. In extreme cases the lid could crack and break. This occurrence is not covered under warranty. Damage caused by improper or incorrect electrical hook-up. In all cases the electrical hook-up directions in the owner's manual should be followed NOT those on the spa electrical box.
8. Hot tub pillows, hot tub light bulb and lenses, hot tub filter element, outside cabinet panels, fuses, and hot tub jets, and stereo fuses. These items are only warranted at the time of spa delivery.
9. Damage resulting from operating the hot tub at a water temperature outside the range of 33 degrees F to 118 degrees F (0.5 C to 48 C) for any reason.
10. Damage caused by normal use.
11. Use of hot tub in a non-residential application.
12. All hot tub accessories including but not limited to, spa steps, cover lifter, chemical kits, and add-on jet accessories.
13. Cracks are defined as a break in the shell that goes all the way through the shell. Scratches and cosmetic gouges are not considered cracks.
14. Acts of nature, accidents, or other causes beyond the control of Hydro Spa.

The spa owner is required to provide adequate access to the spa for any repair or inspection. Hydro Spa shall not be liable for loss of use of the spa or other
incidental or consequential costs, expenses, or damages, which may include but are not limited to water damage, or the removal of a deck or custom
fixture. Under no circumstances shall we or any of our representatives be held liable for injury to any person or damage to any property, however arising. This
warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights. No Agent, Dealer, Service Company, or other party is authorized to change, modify, or
extend the terms of this warranty in any manner whatsoever.
Warranty coverage is extended to the original consumer purchaser for personal, family or household use, from the date of original purchase within the
boundaries of United States and cannot be assigned or transferred by the original purchaser to any person or entity.

Looking for your serial number so you can fill out your warranty card?
Take the door off and look on the shell, there should be a small area that isn't foamed and the serial number is written on the shell!

Warranty Labory Service Policy
After Hours, Mark III & Sun Ray 2 Years - Regency 1 Year - Royalty & Fitness 90 Days



Warranty of Parts
All parts sold through our parts catalog or over the counter have a ONE Year Warranty from date of purchase.



Warranty & Quality Assurance Department

Contact Hydro Spa Warranty Department.

  1-877-BEST-SPA ext. 270
or fill out the online service request form

Please have the following information available prior to calling: Dealers Name (Discount Spas Direct) - Your Name - Address - Phone Number - Date of Purchase - Model - Spa Serial Number (7 Digit) by looking through the excess door of your spa and found on the body of the fiberglass shell.  This information is important to determine what type of equipment you have installed, so that we can help you faster.   If you prefer, you can email this information to Hydro Spa to the Warranty Department..


Stan - Manager/Customer Service /Warranty/Quality Assurance

Please Call 1-877-Best-Spa (ext. 270)

or fill out the online service request form

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