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 Sonoma Spas

Warranty and Freight Policies

Sonoma Warranty Policy

  • All warranty work MUST be authorized before work has begun and an RMA has been issued. This procedure helps Sonoma determine the root cause of the problems, communicate what parts may be necessary, and issue a claim number to speed the credit process. Sonoma can only support the first service call under normal conditions so please make sure that you discuss the failure with a Sonoma technician to avoid making an unnecessary return for the correct part. To reduce the possibility of this happening and reduce replacement part lead times, Sonoma now offers a complete Service Parts Kit at cost to its dealers.
  • When preparing the return, make sure that the Dealer Filed Inspection Report form is complete and the Sonoma invoice number and spa serial number are present. If these fields are not completed, Sonoma cannot process the claim. These forms can be mailed or faxed to Sonoma. Copies of these forms should be included with the returned parts.
  • Sonoma will prepay the freight on replacement parts sent for warranty repair. Freight expense for the return of the suspect parts is the dealer’s responsibility.
  • For warranty replacements, Sonoma supports a prepaid shipping policy of UPS 3 Day Select. Expedited shipping is available at the dealer or customer’s expense.
  • In order for Sonoma to send parts prepaid, the dealer must have an approved credit line or credit card on file. There will be no charge to the dealer’s account if the parts are returned within 60 days and found to be a valid failure.
  • Standard labor allowance is $55.00 per claim unless prior authorization is obtained from Sonoma and an RMA has been provided. There is no allowance for travel time, down time or related expenses.
  • If Sonoma does not receive the suspect part within 60 days of the date the replacement part was sent, Sonoma will assume that the part will not be returned and the dealer’s account may be charged for the replacement part. No credits or refunds will be made for parts that are not returned after 60 days, unless prearranged with Sonoma.

Sonoma Contact:
Tom Bonagofski
Phone: 1-888-998-1772, ext.3181
Email: tom@amtechcorp.com

Sonoma Freight Claim Policy

  • Freight damage is the freight company and/or dealer’s responsibility.
  • Damaged packaging should cause the receiving dealer to do a detailed inspection of the product to assess the extent of the damage. This inspection must be done in the presence of the driver. If damage is discovered or suspected, it must be listed on the shipping document. Damage should be photographed immediately.
  • If the product is not fully inspected but there is damage to the packing material, that should be noted on the shipping document.
  • Ensure you receive a “pro” number for the shipment.
  • All received spas should be opened and inspected for hidden freight damage within thirty (30) days after receipt of product.
  • Sonoma’s warranty does not cover freight damage to spas.

Filing a Freight Claim

  • The claim is the responsibility of the receiving dealer.
  • You must immediately contact the carrier and ask for a freight claim to be faxed to you.
  • Upon receipt of the claim form, complete it and fax it back to the carrier. Keep a copy for your records.
  • If the claim is supported, compensation will come from the freight company.
  • Should you choose to finance your purchase through a flooring program, Sonoma will not pay for interest incurred while waiting for a freight claim adjustment.


Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

Amtech Corporation extends the following warranties to the original purchaser of a Sonoma Spa. Please read it carefully and contact your Dealer if you have any questions. All warranties are from the date of purchase.

15 Years
Shell Structure
7 Years
Spa Shell Surface
3 Year
Equipment & Controls
3 Year
Plumbing Components

Amtech Corporation warrants against water loss due to defects in the spa shell structure. This warranty is void if the spa has been subject to freeze damage, misuse or abuse. For warranty purposes the spa surface is not part of the spa structure.

7-YEAR SPA Shell Surface Warranty: Your SONOMA SPA shell surface is warranted free of defects in workmanship and material that may cause blistering for seven (7) years. Discoloration and cracking are not covered under this warranty.

1-YEAR SHELL WARRANTY: Your Sonoma spa shell is warranted free of defects in workmanship and materials that could cause leakage for ONE (1) year. Blistering, cracking of the shell surface or leakage of the plumbing is not covered under this warranty. This warranty is limited because the manufacturer has no control over the installation.

NOTE: Cracking or checking of your spa surface may occur if you do not have your spa properly supported or leave your spa exposed to direct sunlight while empty, or you did not use an approved cover when spa is not in use. This damage may also occur if your spa is exposed to direct sunlight inside of a sunroom, solarium or similar enclosure. Magnified sunrays can cause temperatures of a spa surface to exceed 150 degrees and will cause distortion or damage to the surface. This will invalidate the shell warranty.

3-YEAR SUPPORT EQUIPMENT WARRANTY: (if equipped): Included with your support equipment is the complete warranty offered by the manufacturer of the support equipment. Warranty offered by the manufacturer is as follows: Three (3) years parts, Three (3) years labor (at factory rates). Pump seals and heater elements are covered for a period of 1 year, parts only. Damage caused by power surges or improper electrical connections are not covered by this warranty.

3-YEAR HYDROTHERAPY JETS AND PLUMBING WARRANTY: If your SONOMA SPA comes with hydrotherapy jets and plumbing installed by AMTECH CORPORATION, they are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for Three (3) year parts, (1) year labor (at factory rates). The labor portion of this warranty does not apply to jet insert removal or jet insert installments.

FILTER ELEMENTS, PILLOWS, LIGHT BULBS, LIGHT LENSES, AIR DIALS, AND HOT TUB BANDING: These are normal wearing parts that are not covered by this warranty.

COVER (VINYL): Included with your vinyl cover is the complete warranty offered by the manufacturer of the vinyl cover. NOTE: The use of any covers other than those recognized by the spa industry or provided through this manufacturer could void this warranty.

ACTS THAT WILL INVALIDATE THIS WARRANTY: Wiring of ANY electrical connections made to the spa by anyone other then a licensed electrician; Spas that are installed without a GFCI breaker, quick disconnects are not allowed in place of a GFCI breaker; Power surges; Damage caused by undissolved spa sanitizing chemicals lying on the surface; Damage to spa surface or components caused by improper pH balance or improper water chemistry maintenance; Damage to the spa surface caused by leaving the spa uncovered while empty and in direct sunlight (this may cause solar heating distress) are considered abusive and will invalidate this warranty; Improper storing or leaving your spa empty will invalidate this warranty.

nstructions for installation, care and maintenance of your SONOMA SPA were provided when the unit left the factory. You must follow those instructions or this Warranty is void. Consult your dealer for required care under extreme local conditions. If you are missing an instruction manual, contact the factory immediately for replacement. This warranty does not cover damages caused by or contributed by an accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, improper installation, maintenance or care, exposure to fire or fill settling or movement, act of God or hazard of nature, war, riot, civil disturbances or acts of others. This Warranty does not cover any wood skirting or foam insulation that may come with your SONOMA SPA. This Warranty does not extend to systems attached to the SONOMA SPA by anyone other than the manufacturer, such as plumbing parts, pumps, ozonators, wood skirts, electrical apparatus and other ancillary systems, including any other structures and/or equipment installed by, or at the request of buyer. This warranty does not cover fading of color, stained discolorations or equipment damages due to improperly maintained water chemistry or other damage caused thereby.

Should you believe that you have a warranty claim, please notify your authorized Dealer for the factory immediately in writing, including your name, address, and telephone number, where and when you purchased your SONOMA SPA and a brief description of the problem. If repair or replacement of the spa is required it will be done at your installation site OR at the factory at OUR option.

NOTE: This warranty does not cover any costs associated with the extraction of the spa, removal of decks, surround kits, fences or any other objects that may obstruct the removal of the spa, or obstruct access to service the spa.

NOTE: Customer is responsible for payment of non-warranty items.

NOTE: This warranty does not cover transportation costs to or from the factory or, if required, replacement of parts not affected under the warranty claim.

NOTE: A spa owner located outside a dealer’s normal service area (over 25 miles away) may be charged a trip charge for warranty work.

NOTE: A spa owner who moves the spa out side their Dealers area, is responsible for finding a local repair service or a technician who will do their repairs (at factory rates).

NOTE: As we have no control over your installation, we make no warranty of any kind concerning work done by others, nor of damages to persons, property, structures, décor or landscaping caused by or necessitated by failure of our product or repairs thereto.

NOTE: This Warranty covers all the responsibilities of AMTECH CORPORATION. Any deviation from this statement must be in writing from the manufacturer. There shall be no other warranty of obligations, expressed or implied, oral or statutory, and in no event shall AMTECH CORPORATION, its agents or employees be liable for injury or damages to any person or property however arising.

NOTE: Damage caused by operation of the spa at water temperatures outside the range of 34 degrees F and 104 degrees F or operation of the spa in extreme hot or cold climate conditions will invalidate this warranty. Consult your dealer for instructions.

NOTE: WOOD SKIRTS must be maintained with a wood sealer. If your spa is not properly protected, the wood on your spa may shrink, expand, warp or cause separations. Neither wood skirts nor synthetic skirts are covered under this warranty.

NOTE: As we have no control over the use of your SONOMA SPA, we take no responsibility for problems that arise due to the use or misuse or your spa. Recent medical reports may advise against using spas at high temperatures while under the influence of certain intoxicants, drugs, alcohol, or medications or by people with certain medical conditions. If in doubt, consult your physician first.

NOTE: This warranty applies to the original owner only and is non-transferable. PLEASE MAIL WARRANTY CARD WITHIN 10 DAYS OF PURCHASE OR YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING PROOF OF PURCHASE.

NOTE: This warranty applies only to spas manufactured after March 1 “2004”.


Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you. No agent, representative, dealer, or employee of the Company has the authority to increase or alter the obligations of this Warranty.

IN NO CASE SHALL AMTECH CORPORATION BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF THIS OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WHATSOEVER. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

For warranty or technical support please call:
1-888-998-1772 ext. 3181
or email: tom@amtechcorp.com


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